What is PAS & HAP?


Parental Alienation (PA or PAS) also known as Hostile Aggressive Parenting (HAP) and the syndrome that affects the Children

What is PAS and HAP?  It is the main ingredient of High Conflict Divorce.  It makes the children’s and the parent’s lives miserable.  It can include but is not limited to any of the following:

  1. Impeding the relationship between the children and the other parent

  2. False allegations of abuse

  3. Lying about the parent, to the children and anyone else who will listen 

  4. Brainwashing and programming the children to hate the other parent

  5. Hostile Aggressive Parenting, which leads to Parental Alienation

  6. Parental Alienation leads to the Syndrome in the children. 

  7. It is a form of psychological abuse, which destroys the children’s lives and everyone it touches. 

Learn how to protect the children and yourself while learning healthy ways to get on with life after a divorce.  Divorce does not have to be a dirty word.

The only way to stop this from happening is to start addressing the issues before it gets a chance to snowball out of control.  PAS Intervention, not only addresses this very important aspect, but is being formed to also someday hopefully provide needed resources for families that cannot afford counseling, legal fees, expert testimony and so on.  It is also our hope that someday we will have money from grants and funding to do research and studies as well.  For more information, please click PAS Intervention: A Prevention Intervention Program Initiative


Joani T. Kloth-Zanard, Life Coach and Certified RSS/ABI


The unauthorized removal of a good, loving parent from their child’s life via Hostile Aggressive Parenting & Parental Alienation!